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P-001-2021-Sri. V.R. Krishnan, Kozhikode-Order 28-06-2021
The appellant had a High Tension (HT) electric connection, which was dismantled and availed a new LT connection on 10-07-2019. The appeal petition pertains to the period of HT connection. The tariff allotted to the HT connection was under HT (I) category from 1987 onwards, but the tariff was reassigned to HT (IV) from 1999 onwards and collected excess energy charge. The appellant filed a petition before the CGRF, Northern Region for the refund of excess amount remitted. The CGRF dismissed the petition observing that the subject case was being considered by KSEB Ltd. Later KSEB Ltd. decided to refund the excess amount from 09/2012 to 05/2016 for Rs.8,79,454/-. The appellant again filed a petition before CGRF to get the refund of excess amount remitted prior to 09/2012 but the Forum dismissed the petition and the appellant filed this appeal petition before this Authority. The respondent is directed to refund the excess energy charge remitted under HT IV tariff from 15-05-1999 to 09/2012. The respondent shall prepare electricity bill from 15-05-1999 to 09/2012 under HT I tariff and the excess amount collected under HT IV tariff shall be refunded within 30 days from the date of this order. The order of CGRF, Northern Region, Koizhikkode in OP No:62/2020-21 dated 04-12-2020 is set aside.


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