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P-022-2022- Sri. Sasidharan, Kozhikode-Order 21-06-2022
The appellant was served with an invoice amounting to Rs.10,938/- during 06/2020. The appellant did not make the payment. When the Licensee contacted the appellant to inform about the disconnection, the appellant approached Section Office and claimed that the bill amount was excessive. The attitude and behaviour from the officials of Licensee was not at all acceptable to the appellant. The appellant approached the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), Northern Region, Kozhikode and registered the petition vide OP No. 2/2021-22. The CGRF ordered vide order dated 25-10-2021 that the consumer is liable to pay the amount and also directed that the Executive Engineer to instruct the Staff to behave with the consumers properly and politely under all circumstances. the decision is taken as follows: (1) The appellant is liable to pay the amount as per the revised bill i.e., Rs.9,583/-. (2) The respondent shall grant 06 numbers of monthly instalments without interest. (3) Concerned senior officers of the Licensee may instruct the staff to behave properly and politely with the consumers. (4) Agree with the order of CGRF, Northern Region in OP No.02/2021-22/161 dated 25-10-2021.


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Created 2022-07-11 11:57:05