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P-028-2022- Sri. Moosa. C.V., Kannur-Order 12-08-2022
The metering equipment at the premises was covered with vegetation. Earth leakage happened due to the vegetation. The leakage was at the appellant’s side of the installation. Sub Engineer visited the site and inspected the premises and found that the meter is showing high reading though there is no consumption in the construction site. On further testing, it is found that this is due to the earth leakage due to the growth of vegetation. This has been informed to the consumer and the cutout fuse was removed and thus, electricity is disconnected. The bill amount usually came less than Rs.300/-. The respondent issued a bill of Rs.30,000/- and given 5 installments to clear the payment. CGRF had issued order stating that the consumer is liable to pay the amount. Aggrieved by the order of the CGRF(N), the appellant field the appeal petition to the Authority and decision is taken as follows: (1) The appellant is liable to pay the amount as per the consumption. (2) The Licensee shall grant 15 numbers of monthly instalments without interest. (3) CGRF, Northern Region order in OP No.38/2021-22 dated 15-02-2022 is modified accordingly.


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Created 2022-09-28 06:05:28