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P-032-2022-Sri. Shymon Anto, Ernakulam-Order 23-08-2022
On the inspection of APTS, it was found that the voltage in R&B phase was very low and R-phase were current was zero. When measured through the standard test meters, the voltage and current was normal. This shows that the quantities recorded by the meter was very much lower than that of actual. The CTs which are connected to the meter was in the ration 100/5. It is also noticed that one phase was missing from 10-09-2019 to 27-05-2020 and two phases were missing from 28-05-2020 to 14-10-2020. On hearing CGRF-CR issued order dated 27-04-2021 that the bill has to be recalculated by taking into the fraction of actual consumption with recorded consumption, which is 2.788 detected during the inspection. The respondent filed a review petition to CGRF-CR and the Forum issued order dated 21-01-2022 stating that the bill to be recalculated by taking the fraction of actual consumption with recorded consumption (2.78) detected during the site inspection and consider the factor 1.5 to the recorded consumption. As per the order, the amount of short assessment was recalculated as Rs.2,63,876/- and asked the appellant to pay within 30 days. The aggrieved appellant filed the appeal petition before the Authority and takes the following decision: (1) The appellant is liable to pay the short assessment bill calculated as per the order of Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (Central Region) vide order dated 21-01-2022. (2) The respondent shall allow 24 monthly instalments to the appellant for remitting the payment.


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Created 2022-09-28 06:08:24