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P-003-2021-Smt. Ammini Prasad - Order 28-06-2021
The appellant is running a three-star hotel in the name and style “M/s. Pournami Hotel” at Chengannur in Alappuzha Dist. The electric connection was given from Electrical Section, Chengannur with consumer number 4933. There were another four electric connections in the premises and later these connections were merged in the electric connection 4933 with a total connected load of 96 kw. The energy meter provided in the premises was seen burnt on 15-12-2005 and which was replaced with CT operated meter. The appellant suspected recording of abnormal consumption in the newly installed meter and changed with another CT operated meter by the respondent on 31-12-2005. As per the audit report of the Accountant General, a short assessment bill was served on the appellant for Rs.1,88,551/- for a period of six months from 07/2005 to 12/2005. The reason for the reassessment of energy consumption was that the consumption recorded from 07/2005 to 12/2005 was less than half of the recorded consumption in the preceding and succeeding years. The respondent issued the reassessment bill for compensating the revenue loss sustained to the Licensee in the period of six months. The total amount to be remitted by the appellant is Rs.8,46,507/- as demanded by the respondent including surcharge. Under ‘One Time Settlement Scheme’, the said amount was reduced to Rs.3,53,551/- and further a deduction will be done for Rs.3,300/- if the remittance is made as a single payment. Later on 21-04-2021, the respondent informed that the appellant had remitted Rs.1,88,551/- along with surcharge Rs.1,61,382/- on 30-03-2021 under one time settlement scheme. As such, the appeal petition No. P-003/2021 is closed.


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Created 2021-07-07 09:30:05