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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P-058-2022- Sri. Jins Paul, Kottayam- Order 31-10-22


There was an electric line passing through this property and this line was dangerously sagging. On 13th March 2020, there was a fire in the farm and the crops and other items in the farm were burned and damaged. The farm in the land of around 50 cents were totally damaged. The fire would have been developed due to the short circuit in the electric line. The appellant has already complained to the Section Office about the sagging of the line before the occurrence of fire. No action has been taken by the Asst. Engineer of the Licensee. The appellant has sent a claim for Rs.1.0 lakh towards the compensation for the damage and not yet settled. Appellant filed petition to CGRF (SR) and CGRF issued order stating that no records have produced to show the exact damage and loss suffered and hence, not admitted. The appellant approached this Authority by filing the appeal petition and following decisions are taken: 1. The Licensee has to ensure that the line is having the proper safety clearance in between the phases and ground. Necessary action is to be taken to ensure the same. 2. The appellant is failed to prove that the occurrence of fire is due to the short circuit and hence, claim is not allowed. 3. Shifting of line if required, the cost is to be borne by the appellant.
P-056-2022-Smt. Visalam, EMK- Order 28-10-22


There is a service line drawn much earlier for the domestic connection to Sri. Prasannan, brother of the appellant, which is crossing her property. She has constructed a house and first floor of the building is completed and the service line to Sri. Prasannan is passing above this building. The Municipality has issued the plan approval without noticing the line. Now, the Municipality is not allocating the building number as the service wire is crossing above the building. The appellant is claiming that the service wire was drawn crossing her property without her consent. The appellant approached the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Central Region Ernakulam and the CGRF ordered that this is sub-judice and hence, no decision is taken. The appellant filed the appeal petition before this Authority and decision is taken as: The appellant has to remit the revised estimate amount and the Licensee has to execute the shifting of this service wire.
P-055-2022- Smt. Thankamani. K.P., Kozhikode- Order 27-10-22


The respondent has erected electric posts without appellant’s consent and the line is crossing her property. Three posts were erected around six months before for drawing service connections to the neighbouring houses of the appellant’s property. There is only a pathway for the neighbours and not a proper road given by the appellant. This is unauthorized and illegal, which makes hindrance to the cultivation in the land. The posts and the lines are to be shifted from appellant’s land. The appellant has approached the CGRF-NR and the CGRF-NR ordered that the boundary of the land is to be fixed and earmarked and then apply to KSEBL Section Office for shifting the line. The shifting will be done on paying the estimate amount to KSEBL. The appellant filed the appeal petition to this Authority and decision is taken as follows: 1) The one span of line which is crossing the property shall be converted into ABC conductors on getting the ABC conductors in stock. 2) The ownership of property is to be established by settling the disputes, if any. 3) The boundary of the property is to be demarcated in ground by the appellant. 4) On demarcating the physical boundary, if the line/posts are inside the property of the appellant, the same is to be shifted at the cost of Licensee. 5) The order of CGRF-NR is modified accordingly.

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