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P-036-2021- Smt. Valsamma George, Thrissur- Order 08-10-2021
The appellant was issued with the regular bimonthly bill for Rs.26,188/- on 22-10-2020 for an energy consumption of 2977 units. Since the appellant had doubt in the recorded consumption, the meter was sent to TMR Division, Angamaly, a meter testing unit of KSEB Ltd. In the testing it was found that the reason for the exorbitant consumption is earth leakage. The appellant filed a petition in CGRF, Central Region vide OP No. 91/2020-21 and the Forum in its order dated 24-04-2021, dismissed the petition due to lack of merits and the installment facility allowed. The appellant filed this Appeal Petition before this Authority. The energy meter in the premises of the appellant was tested and found good and its errors are within the limits. The “earth load” in the premises was proved with scientific data received from the energy meter and which is within the premises. The quantum of energy recorded in the meter is not consumed by the appellant, but supplied by the Licensee. From the scientific data of the meter, it is seen that the defect started after the reading date 25-08-2020 and detected in the next reading date 22-10-2020. As such, the appellant is liable to remit the bill issued on 22-10-2020. The respondent is directed to prepare a revised bill after deducting the remittance made by the appellant and issue the bill for the balance amount granting two monthly instalments. No interest or surcharge shall be realized from the appellant for the period of petition for orders before the CGRF, Central Region and for the period of appeal petition before this Authority and the due date of the first instalment fixed by the respondent. Since the case is related with leakage of electricity, it is also directed the respondent to exempt the appellant from paying the interest or surcharge for the second instalment also, if the amount is remitted within the due date fixed by the respondent. The appeal petition filed by the appellant is disposed of as above and the decision of CGRF, Central Region in OP No. 91/2020-21 dated 24-04-2021 is modified to this extent.


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