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P-039-2021- Smt. K.K. Rajalakshmi, Kollam - Order 21-10-2021
The appellant filed the Appeal Petition requesting for orders to shift a portion of 11 kV electric line passing through the appellant’s property without remitting any cost for the shifting of the line situated in the electricity distribution area of Electrical Sub Division, Taliparamba in Kannur District. The present address of the appellant is Marottinmoodu, Kongal, Paravoor in Kollam District. The appellant filed a petition in CGRF, Southern Region, Kottarakkara vide OP No. 16/2021 for the above mentioned purpose. As per appellant’s version, the length of 11 kV line to be shifted is 24 metres and only one number electric pole needs to be used. The CGRF, Southern Region analyzed the “Background” of the case in detail and issued order on 31-05-2021 with an observation that the Forum has no jurisdiction to consider the subject matter since the location where the electric line to be shifted is in Kannur District and the Forum has only jurisdiction in the Southern Region of the Licensee. The appellant filed the Appeal Petition against the order of CGRF. Hon’ble High Court of Kerala in the judgement dated 06-02-2019, directed the Licensee, KSEB Ltd. to carry out the shifting of electric line by collecting labour charges from the appellant. The respondent stated that the shifting work can be arranged by collecting the labour charge required for the work from the appellant and other two nearby property owners. As such the respondent is directed to issue a separate demand of labour charge to each applicant including the appellant within 15 days from the date of order and carry out the work within 30 days after the remittance of the labour charge. After completion of the work, the respondent shall evaluate the work on actual labour charge prepared based on the approved rate and refund the excess amount, if any, to the applicants and realize additional amount, if any, from the applicants within two months from the date of completion of the line shifting work. The Appeal Petition P-039/2021 filed by the appellant is disposed of with the above decision.


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Created 2021-11-16 09:46:30