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P-015-2022-Smt. Vasanthakumari Amma.P., Kollam-Order 31-05-2022
The appellant has paid required cost for the work with regard to obtaining service connection with a support post. The distribution licensee had effected the connection by using PVC weatherproof wire with support pole from the nearby LT post through a narrow path way used by the three consumers including the appellant by avoiding property crossing, since the petitioner failed to produce the consent from the owner of nearby property. The appellant filed a request to refund the amount paid by him as ECSC for providing service connection using support post, since casuarina wood log was used for giving the new service connection instead of a WP support post was not used for giving the service connection. After the completion of the construction works, the appellant filed a petition before CGRF, Southern Region, for getting the refund of the amount paid as a ECSC for providing WP support post and the Forum in its order dated 03-02-2022 rejected the petition. Aggrieved by the decision of the Forum, the appellant filed the appeal petition. 1. The Order of CGRF, Kottarakkara dated 03.02. 2022 in OP No.63/20211 is quashed. 2. The new support post erected for effecting service connection shall be dismantled & removed at the licensee's cost and KSEB Ltd. shall effect supply from the existing post by making use of a suitable side cross arm for maintaining safety and avoiding property crossing. 3. Th e consumer shall bare the cost of the cross arm as necessitated by KSEB Ltd for effecting the supply. 4. The amount collected by KSEB Ltd for the erecting the new support post shall be adjusted towards the cost of the required cross arm and the balance shall be refunded to the consumer.


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Created 2022-06-27 09:28:13