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P-033-2022- Smt. Arya Antherjanam, Malappuram-Order 10-08-2022
The appellant forced to use the diesel engine as the electric supply was not connected, which resulted to huge expenditure for the appellant. The service line length required is only 31 M, but KSEB prepared an estimate including an additional post, which is objected. The appellant approached the CGRF-NR and CGRF ordered vide that if the consumer has provided the support strong enough to connect the service line, then the Licensee has to connect the service wire for pumps and then the estimate is to be revised without post. If the support is not strong enough for this, then the consumer has to pay for the post and the line is to be extended accordingly. The aggrieved appellant filed appeal petition and the Authority takes the following decision: (1) The appellant will erect a concrete post with a ground clearance around 4 M near the pumphouse and the Licensee shall extend the service connection to the pumphouse without any delay. (2) The service connection estimate of the Licensee is to be revised accordingly. (3) The order of CGRF, Northern Region in OP No. 33/2021-22 dated 07-02-2022 is modified to this extend. (4) The Licensee has to device a proper system that all the officials should comply with regulations strictly and officials at fault are to be penalized.


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Created 2022-09-28 06:00:41