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P-034-2022- Smt. Chandrika Kumar, Thrissur- Order 22-08-2022
As per the appellant, there is a post in front of Syam Complex in the highway itself, which was very close to the building. Instead of taking service connection from the nearby post, the officials of the Licensee inserted an additional post in the property of the Syam Complex and service connection to the complex was taken from the new post. This modification was done without the consent of the appellant. This is a trespassing to the property diverting the entire lines of the premises causing destruction to the property is improper and illegal. On hearing the case, CGRF (Central Region) issued order dated 17-03-2022, stating to rearrange the existing LT lines and the original alignment. Aggrieved by the order of the Forum, the appellant filed the appeal petition to the Authority and the decision is taken as follows: (1) The act of respondent is proper. (2) The respondent shall re-arrange the existing LT lines in such a way that all conductors are to be placed at the same side of the cross arm (northern side) for more convenience to the appellant by maintaining the statutory clearance from the building. (3) The Licensee has to device a proper mechanism to ensure that the officials strictly adhere to the regulations of Kerala Electricity Supply Code, 2014.


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Created 2022-09-28 06:07:14