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P-043-2022-Sri. V. Sadique, Ernakulam-Order 29-8-2022
The appellant complained to the Licensee to ascertain as whether the meter is faulty or not. A check meter installed and checked during second week of 12/2021 and regular inspections were done. The old meter sent for testing and new meter installed on 21-01-2022. The respondent issued bill for Rs.10,67,816/- for a period from 08/2016 to 01/2022 as the low voltage surcharge as the recorded demand exceeds 100 kVA. The appellant approached CGRF-CR, and the Forum ordered to remit the bill charging the low voltage surcharge for the months by which the RMD exceeded 100 kVA. Accordingly, the bill has been revised to Rs.7,17,522/-. The aggrieved appellant filed the appeal petition before the Authority and following decisions are taken: (1) The appellant is liable to pay the short assessment bill amount issued by the Licensee (revised amount as per the CGRF-CR order). (2) The Licensee shall grant instalment facility of 24 monthly instalments without interest for making the payment. (3) The Licensee shall enquire and take suitable action for not billing the low voltage surcharge in time, which resulting into revenue loss to the Licensee and also resulting into huge one-time financial burden to the consumer. (4) The Licensee shall enquire the lapses of the officials who has not adhere to Section 101 of the Kerala Electricity Supply Code, 2014 and take necessary action. (5) The order of CGRF, Central Region is modified accordingly.


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Created 2022-09-28 08:53:52