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RP-003-2022- AXE, Ramapuram-Order 02-02-23
The review appellant, Assistant Executive Engineer, Electrical Sub Division, Ramapuram, has submitted a review petition against the order of the Ombudsman in the appeal petition No. P-046/2022 dated 05-09-2022. The order of Ombudsman is to shift the post & line, which is situated in the land of review respond as per his claim. It is not technically feasible because of the neighbours’ obstruction to install the stay wire for the proposed shifting of the post. It is also stated that at present, the post and line is not making any obstruction to the review respondent. Further, the boundary of the land of the review respondent is not properly earmarked with boundary stone. So, it is not easy in the site to identify the land whether the post is erected belongs to him or not. Only after identifying boundary of the land, the feasibility of shifting the line could be examined. (1) The review respondent Sri. Augustine Thomas has to survey his land and provide boundary stone to demarcate the boundary of the land belongs to him through revenue authorities. (2) The feasibility of shifting of the post and line shall be examined after demarcation of review respondent’s land.


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Created 2023-03-09 09:26:08