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P/049/2023- Shri. Vijayan Variyath
The appellant is an industrial consumer with tariff LT IV A under the electrical Section, Kasargod. The industry is named as "Pixel Digital Press" which is printing the photo, photo albums etc. situated in Nandini Complex located at Kottakkanni in Kasargod District. The appellant availed the three phase connection on 13/02/2017. The ToD metering is done by Digital Electronic Energy meter through CT of  ratio 100/5. APTS of the licensee conducted a surprise inspection on 03/04/2023 and found the R- phase current was missing from 3/2018 to 04/2023. Hence a short assessment bill for Rs. 10,36,245/- was prepared and issued to the appellant on 11/04/2023. The appellant has contented the short assessment bill for 5 years and file the petition to CGRF. CGRF issued the order dated 23/08/2023 stating that the appellant is liable to pay the short assessment bill issued by the licensee. Aggrieved by the decision of the CGRF this appeal petition was filed to this authority. 


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Created 2023-12-26 07:14:55